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This past summer I went to New York for the very first time (bucket list ✔️) and was literally moved to tears seeing the Statue of Liberty as we flew into @lgaairport. Being the tourist that I am, we had to do the Ellis & Liberty Island tour and I just couldn’t believe how grand she was. I was overcome with emotion. It was like this bubbled up sensation in my soul that burst. I wasn’t sure if the feeling was stemmed from the foot steps of so many hopeful souls who walked the same path generations ago or was it the sheer symbolic nature of her as a new beginning, a welcoming or a sense of belonging to something grander? Being the writer I am I was enthralled with with possibilities of stories that kicked off from this very spot. Anthologies of generations started here. Just amazing. . . Hope can be a very powerful thing. It has fueled the energy behind so many monumental things. It drives us to write, create, blog, work - push forward for something more. It’s the foundation of motivation and propels dreams. I hope you all have it and make it! . . Big shout out to all my NY peeps here! It truly is an amazing place. This LA girl gives it up! ❤️🗽 . . #newyork #statueofliberty #tbt#throwbackthursday #writerscommunity#photooftheday #authorsofinstagram#motivation #inspire #blog #writing#amwriting #middlegradeauthor#authorslife #hope #motivationalquotes

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