• Renee Perez


Okay so lately I’ve been kinda beating myself up because I haven’t completed nearly as much as I’d like to have with my writing projects and some fun projects at work. Oh, and I got quite the massive laundry pile in the corner of the bedroom. Let’s not forget the time we need to invest in marketing and social media (which I actually really enjoy because of all of you!). . . So how do we make our mark? It’s the little things most of the time. Adding a few more notes in your plot journal, helping along a fellow writer or co-worker or simply making someone laugh on IG or Twitter. If you’re not following #writingcommunity on Twitter, abandon this post and go follow it now. It’s abundant with support (and memes!) to help you make your mark! . . #authorsofinstagram #motivation#writerscommunity #authorlife #doit#wecan #amwriting #middlegradeauthor#makeit #laundry

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