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It’s funny because I remember when I was writing Camp Strange I wanted to incorporate some of Mateo into my book. Aside from a character named after him, the character himself is not inspired after him. However, I used a moment of him screaming and tantruming because he wanted a cookie and his grandma wouldn’t give it to him. I was in my writing room and listened with intensity to see how she’d respond. Like a classic grandma, she gave him his cookie and offered to get him a Slurpee later if he settles down. It was like he had a total personality transplant. Like this little demon who took over my sweet son just was vaporized from existence. *Groan*. Grandma just taught him (or he taught her) the oldest trick in the book. . . So I used this squeaky wheel moment to create the Uvam, a tiny adorable woodland creature who feeds on sugary confections. The Uvam is typically mild mannered, brown and fuzzy with large eyes that make you want to hug it forever. Then, when it’s the season, the Uvam’s flock to town, transformed into multi-color terrors in a horrible fit wrecking anything in its path to just get a sweet treat to appease their urge. The children toss them candy and pastries in the street to make them return to their normal state. . . Sound familiar? Do you have a funny inspiration to share? Please do! I’d love to hear it! . . #writerscommunity #authorsofinstagram#motivation #writingcommunity#authorlife #momlife #amwriting#inspiration #middlegradeauthor #kidlit

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