• Renee Perez


“Adventure” is saying it lightly. I compare writing a book to camping (I clearly have a thing for this experience). Writing is like going shopping for the tent, hiking shoes, sleeping bags, and gadgets to make the trip fun. Creating, plotting, and editing is the drive on the road to the camp adventure. There’s silliness, singing (1000 bottles of beer anyone?), groans (“Are we there yet?”) and frequent pit stops. You keep going. . . Then you arrive at camp (your book) and the REAL adventure begins. There are bears that wander into your camp to tear it up. You’re okay because the morning tweets of the birds among the trees give you optimism. At camp you want to hike every trail to ensure every tree is part of your adventure. But there are so many trees! How will you ever reach them all? You run, you sprint, climb, crawl, and limp to them. You get tired, but you’re relentless. You’re bruised fr

om battling bears and you have scratches from some of those trees too. But you never give up on your adventure. . . So let’s go camping. 🏕 . . #writerscommunity #writingcommunity#authorsofinstagram #author #authorlife#amwriting #writer #blog #momenpreneur#camping #adventure

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