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I’m pretty sure my girl jumped in our time machine and is raiding my 1995 wardrobe. Accessories and all. You can’t see the Chuck Taylors in this pic but they’re there! Yesterday she stole a pair of my relaxed fit with tears and a super loose hoodie we couldn’t resist asking her if she was missing her Nirvana CD. She was like, “What’s Nirvana?” as we were shot the typical tween glance of skepticism. . . I share this moment with you all because 1.) I think it’s funny and I think many of you would relate and 2.) This brings up the topic of originality. . . I recently received an amazing piece of feedback on Camp Strange. The reader told me it was a blend of Diary of A Wimpy Kid+Harry Potter+Percy Jackson. I cried. Happy cry! I went into this wanting to mesh all the things me and my kiddos love reading while creating something of my own. Target demo hit for sure! For those of you who may receive similar comparisons to other writers, rejoice! Without Lewis, there may not be Rowling or Rioridan! I know I received those query rejections loving the first chapter, but not getting represented because this type of fantasy adventure wasn’t where they were taking the market. It sucked hearing that but I know that won’t last. After all, don’t styles make a comeback with the masses at some point? 🤷🏽‍♀️ . . #middlegradebooks #writerscommunity#writingcommunity #authorsofinstagram #author#fashion #style #tweenstyle #writing#middlegradeauthor #bookreview #campstrange#amwriting

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