• Renee Perez


Taking a quote from the timeless fairy-tale classic, Pretty Women, the opening and end scene features a ragged guy j-walking across the street shouting, “This is Hollywood! What’s your dream...what’s your dream?!” Now I know most people likely overlooked this character (go ahead and give it a Google) for erratic rants, but not this English Lit nerd. His existence in the opening sequence is foreshadowing of how the story will end. If a girl down on her luck, in the gutter of LA could catch the fancy of a stuffy suit wearing CEO, then all dreams are possible! . . I kinda also love that Pretty Women is a modern version of Cinderella, a story we all know from Disney who actually stole it from Charles Perrault. But wasn’t it Disney himself who said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”? Disney rocks. . . So I ask you all, “What’s your dream?”

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