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So aside from trying to find time to write the next cult children’s hit, work full time doing something so also love, be the best mom to 3 kids, I LOVE being team mom for baseball. This is my 5th season and as each one passed I definitely have learned from each trying to make the next season even an even better experience for the players and their parents. I’m so lucky to also have my hubby as the Head Coach who also shares the passion to give these kids an amazing experience. We pumped the kids up by teaching them the clap and words to Queen’s “We Will Rock You” (it was awesome. 11 6 year olds getting their Freddy Mercury on! 🤘🏼). It made for an awesome opening day ceremony! . . It is definitely team work to make it happen. We have the support of some amazing parents and enthusiastic kids. We couldn’t do it alone. . . So in whatever you’re working on, know it takes a village. It’s okay to ask for help and rely on others for inspiration, motivation or bounce an idea off of. Our best seasons have been thanks to our village.

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