• Renee Perez


The idea of “now” is an interesting one. I may be doing the English Lit nerd over analytical thing, but let’s explore the idea of now and it’s power over “before” or the “past”. . . I think we all look back at our achievements we are most proud of with joy and satisfaction. “I can’t believe I did that!” or “Yes, I was most proud of that!” both past tense in nature. A lot of the past does contribute to our present yet we are all so hesitant to revel in the NOW. “NOW I’m going write that novel. NOW I’m going to audition for that part. NOW I’m going to apply for that job.” I am definitely guilty of this too. . . Why do we do this to ourselves? Are we shy about our endeavors? Maybe. Is it because if we fail our NOW others will know it? Yes. We turn our NOW into the classic case of “jinx”. . . I challenge all of us to focus on our NOW. Don’t forget what was, but talk more today about NOW. What will you do? Who will you tell and rally in your corner? Do it NOW!

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