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Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, our school is hosting a reading challenge and celebration of The Godfather of Children’s books. This cool guy is determined to log in “more hours reading than any kindergartener in the world.” This is very exciting for me, as my earliest memories of reading started at this age. I looked most forward to the weekend when my uncle would take me to the library to get any book I wanted! It was a stressful yet exhilarating experience for a 5 year old. . . It’s funny the things you remember. I vividly recall my first book critic at the North Torrance Library, sitting in those tiny kinder chairs with my uncle. He helped me read Green Eggs and Ham. For a five year old, I already had quite the skeptical outlook on the green cuisine this dude was peddling. I was like, “First of all, he’s a stranger. You’re not supposed to take things from strangers. And it’s GREEN! Isn’t that bad?” I had already formed a knowledge that green meant rotten but my uncle challenged me. “But what if those are simply green eggs and that’s his friend who wants him to try something new?” I re-read the beginning and he was right. There’s wasn’t a clear indication that this fellow pushing green food was a bad guy or unknown the the main character. But the food is green! Ugh! Anyway, the lesson was there that you shouldn’t judge something without trying it - a very common kid foible. This guy here only eats chicken nuggets, PB&J and pizza. Reading him this same book didn’t work. 😒 . . The moral of all this is what that moment meant. I realized books can have what I deemed a “double meaning”. For that point on I can’t recall ever just reading a book at face value. Now I’m also an adult that can’t watch a movie without some deep over analysis. It’s a gift I’ll accept, so thank you Dr. Seuess. Thank you Uncle Mark. It’s helped me have a life joy I’m excited to share with all of you!

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