• Renee Perez


Updated: Apr 17, 2019

I’m very lucky that my traditional “9 to 5” is something I actually love to do. However I don’t write full time. The fire to write has been something that has always been with me - since 5 years old is as young as I can remember sitting for hours creating comics of satire. The thing is, I wasn’t confident that would result in a career for me so even though I studied English Lit in college (with hope to make boocoo bucks as a middle school teacher) I kept it up. After college I immediately got a job in HR, this thing I had never heard of but it sounded up my alley - conducting interviews, new hire orientations, and setting up training so the newest hires at Toys R Us (RIP) could be set up for success! I continued to grow in this field and think I enjoy it because it’s my way to make the world better. I try and make the workplace a place of opportunity. When I give a presentation, there’s definitely going to be a theme, and some sort of fun game. (Who doesn’t love a Star Wars presentation on Employee Retention?) It’s a small way, but still my way. I still recognize that I chose this path because it was what was expected of me, as where a struggling passion focused on writing the next book to movie was not. I still wrote and drew everything ranging from my family to adventures starring food objects. Why can’t a toaster be a hero? I still dream of a world where the fork runs away with the spoon...and they live happily ever after!

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