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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

What do you do that makes an impact? It’s a loaded question but I’ll ask anyway. I think no matter what you do professionally, there is this motivating factor to make a difference. I grew up wanting to be a teacher. From ages 5 to 23 I was focused on this. I wanted to make a difference by making taking English classes more engaging and fun. When I was in 8th grade at Magruder Middle School I had a teacher, Mrs. Peters who made reading and writing so much fun. She celebrated our ideas and pushed us to be college thinkers. I remember an essay assignment she gave us asking us to write our college entrance essay from our current perspective (age 14 at the time). She actually took the time to provide feedback to each of us in 1:1 meetings during class providing an open forum of dialog so we would be better at discussion skills. What happened during mine I’ll never forget. Right away, Mrs. Peters was teary eyed. She apologized to me but said that what I wrote touched her. She advised me to write exactly that story and to continue to add to it during the next years of life experience. I was surprised yet proud that something I wrote had such an impact on someone. So what did I write? My truth. I was a first generation college hopeful in a family on welfare. I had to share a room with my mom. I walked everywhere so I could participate in school activities. I was embarrassed that I had those low income lunch tickets that everyone knew were f

or poor kids. I spoke about my grandma who from Japan came to the US, such a symbol of hope to be met with an aggressive cancer at 30 that made her a leg amputee and the grandfather I never met who beat her but as karma has it, was made a quadriplegic after an alcohol induced car accident. He passed away just four months before I was born. This continued to impact my family and I was definitely not destined to be much of anything. But this didn’t stop this girl from wanting big dreams. So please college entrance people, give me a chance. Give me a chance so I can make an impact for kids like Mrs. Peters made for me.

So this classroom visit in my hometown meant so much to me. One kid at a time.

So this classroom visit in my hometown meant so much to me. One kid at a time.

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