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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

So this one here had open house. It’s a great time for parents to see all the work their kiddos have been working on. I found it hilarious that this project was “My Selfie”. As you can see, my little has unique taste for a kinder. He loves the Deadpool theme song by DMX, “X Gon Give it to Ya. For some reason he has the love of Las Vegas. He’s gone twice (amongst many other places) but for some reason he’s a Vegas guy. The crazy bit is true, so I guess I’m proud of his ability to self reflect. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I was most proud of his desire to be a teacher. My post yesterday was on the impact a teacher had on me that stayed with me for almost 20 years. I asked him why he wanted to be a teacher and he said, “So I can use my drawings to teach them and make learning fun and not boring!” He’s quite the little digital artist and yes, has an IG because he wants everyone to see his art! You can see it @mateo_hulk So how does this tie into parenting? Well it’s funny how your kids become these little beings with opinions and dreams isn’t it? I look at this guy and see so much of me and his dad in him. He’s such a character and moments like these remind me of my influence on who he will be.. Total side tangent. This mom right here (me) was playing music over the intercom for his baseball game. X Gon Give it to Ya is his chosen batting song so as he went to bat I started the song. Imagine my terror when I accidentally used the uncensored version and the first thing you hear is: . MOTHERFU**ER!!!! I died. And of course my phone locked and I couldn’t get it off right away. Being half glass full, the song pumped him up and he got a base hit so...🤷🏽‍♀️ I did say he wanted to be a teacher right? 🤣 The writing material never ends!

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