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In the spirit of #wcw let’s talk about a fun memory you have with your Girl Squad. I’ve had these besties for over 20 years! (Gasp!) We’ve has many adventures including some I would write and draw about in Diary of a Wimpy Kid style way before it was a thing. I really need to dig in storage and see if I can find some of those! on the brink our our 20 year high school reunion (gasp!) here’s a short list of my favorite times with these girls:

💛Parking lot dancing. Sometimes we’d want to go out and dance, but being under age and all made that hard so we’d blast the radio in the car and dance in the parking lot.

💛TPing our friends.Totally lame I know, but who knew a simple $5 pack of cheap TP would make for such wonderful fun?

💛Movie nights during the peak of late 90’s. We had Titanic & She’s All That. Enough said.

💛Pep Rallies! 2 out of 3 of us rah-rahed on the school spirit squad. The third never missed one and was was there supporting! Now that I think about it, we were totally MCs. Gimme that mic...

💛Frat parties but not for the reason you’d think. We’d go and have an amazing time dancing, fielding any predatory advances cause we weren’t there for that. We just wanted to dance. We were parking lot dancers so this was a definite step up!

💛Borders study seshes. We were doing the bookstore coffee induced study thing before it was a thing. I have no clue how we managed to get any studying done.

💛Major karaoke seshes. The night would usually kick off with Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and end with some sort of Mariah Carey hit. Let me preface this. None of us can sing like Mariah but it was fun to try.

💛Christmas. We have an annual gift exchange and it started just with 3 people and has now grown to a group of 12!

💛Anytime we get together. There’s still singing, dancing & laughs. This pic was taken two weeks ago at a pony themed party and it was so much fun! Didn’t get to ride a pony though...😒

So that’s a bit about my girl squad. Much of our memories go into my writing so I’m thankful for them!

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