• Renee Perez


I just did an interview and thought it might be fun to share some of it as well as answer any questions about writing, my book or just life in general. Want a joke? I got those too!

What has been your inspiration for writing Camp Strange? My tales of a wonderful flying boy who used the world around him to perform magical feats started as night time stories for my son, the real life Ezekiel. “Ezie’s” diagnosis of autism has made it difficut for him to use expressive language, yet he always had a desire to have friends and be social. Unfortunately his peers were not very accepting of him and he would often cry about his day at school. It broke my heart, but I would tell him stories where he would save the kids at the park from Darth Vader, tripled eyed monsters, and bullies not sharing play equipment. Every story would end with him flying off in the sunset victorious. I wanted to take his experiences, as well as some of my own when I was bullied, and create something in the spirit of classics like Goonies or Star Wars - a silly, yet serious adventure kids and adults could enjoy. Who didn’t love a good adventure? After I answered I realized I left out Indiana Jones (minus Crystal Skull), Never ending Story and yeah, I’ll say it, Rainbow Bright. Colorful kids of all colors saving the world one episode at a time with a female lead. It was progressive for its time. Any other questions?

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