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As a middle grade writer, I admit, I am likely a bit more interested in the happenings of what my girl and her friends are experiencing. Fresh off yesterday, I uncovered yet another girl against girl crime of gossip and betrayal amongst friends that left my girl sad and disappointed. A girl told another girl that this girl didn’t like her. My girl was like, “I’m new to this school and I don’t even know you to not like you. I didn’t say that!” This is a tale older than time, yet the result is always the same regardless of generation. If a friend dissed you back in the 90s, it was over three way call where you heard it, or you may not be listed as a “BFF4EVA” on your friend’s binder. Now, it all happens here on IG or over text. And is it over a boy, probably in some way. All we can do is raise our girls up. We need to catch ourselves when we gossip or are not the most pretty version of ourselves because they are listening. I’m so proud of how she handled herself in this situation but I know it isn’t going to be last time. I mean, how many Regina George’s are out there? WHAT IS YOUR MEAN GIRLS STORY? I know many of you likely have your mean girls story. I’d love to be able to share with my girl as many stories as I can so she knows she isn’t alone in this.

Thank you all in advance! Have an amazing Fri-YAY! (My Girl was so awesome to dress as Aubrey, a character from Camp Strange at my release party!)

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