• Renee Perez


Happy Saturday friends! What hijinks will you all be getting into today? I’ve got this guy’s baseball game this morning and a last minute run around to Easterfy the house and get bunny ready. I’m usually all over this weeks in advance but this year I was a bit distracted by my book. I won’t beat myself up about it, especially since I made 12 Easter baskets for this guy’s baseball team last night. I had cellophane and grass bits all over. When he saw the mess, I got “parented”. He says, “Silly mommy! What’s this mess? You’re going to have to clean this up all by yourself you know.” 😑 Sounds familiar. Curious to what your night before Easter rituals are as well. Let me know what you and the kids enjoy most! I’ll Instastory the colorful mess of cupcakes and egg painting that will ensue tonight! Pray for my furniture! 🤣

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